Welcome to XLEDs USA! We are the US based division of Daejin DMP (Digital Micro Products). Located in the suburbs of Milwaukee, WI, we are comprised of a team of veteran lighting industry professionals with extensive experience in LED manufacturing and marketing as well as a deep knowledge and experience in the traditional light sources that the XLEDís product line replaces.

Daejin DMP is a publicly traded South Korean Corporation that was started in 1970 to produce electronic components and parts for computer printers.

Over the years Daejin DMP utilized their expertise in LED technology and circuit board design and manufacturing to expand the product line to include the manufacturing of LEDs for cell phone backlit displays and in 2002 established the production of SMD LEDís.

The XLEDs brand was introduced in 2005 with the development of an LED lamp with a MR16 form factor. The newest version of this LED MR16, the GA1607S remains today as the highest output, LED direct replacement for MR16 halogen lamps that is available on the market.

In 2006 the Galaxy 3022 series was introduced. This product, a direct replacement for PAR30 halogen lamps, is a PAR30 LED lamp that has excellent white light color and like the MR16 version introduced earlier, is the highest output PAR30 LED lamp available on the market today.

In 2007 the AC BAR was introduced. The AC BAR is one of the only LED linear fixtures available on the market with the capability of accepting 120 VAC power directly into the fixture, with no need for a remote power supply. This greatly simplifies installation and allows much longer continuous runs than similar products from other companies.

XLEDs USA continues to market the most energy efficient, highest lumen output, highest efficacy LED lamps and fixtures available in the US for the general illumination market. Our products are sold thru Lighting Agents throughout the US who work closely with design professionals and with large end users to dramatically lower energy costs, extend service life and reduce maintenance costs without sacrificing lighting quality. The fact that these products are environmentally friendly both from an energy savings standpoint and from a disposal standpoint is merely the icing on the cake!

For more information on XLEDs please call/fax (800) 839-5780 or email info@xledsusa.com
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