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XLEDs USA pairs some of the highest efficacy LED diodes with a propriety active thermal management system to produce bright, white light, super long life and little heat all within a highly efficient lighting package.

From White Light comes Green Benefits
Highly efficient lighting means our LED lamps and fixtures use far less energy to produce the same amount of light as the incandescent and fluorescent lights they replace. This reduction in energy useage directly leads to lower demand for power and consequently lower production of greenhouse gases, a major contributor to global warming.

And that’s not the only kind of Green you save…..
XLEDs USA products have some of the highest efficacy ratings in the industry. This key metric, a measure of how many lumens of light are produced per watt of input power, means you are getting a highly efficient lighting product. More of the money you spend on power goes into producing visible light and less goes into the production of heat. Over the life of an LED light you save hundreds of dollars in energy costs alone per socket. XLEDs USA truly brings you “savings without sacrifice”.

You save on maintenance too……..
XLEDs USA’s LED lighting products have a rated life of over 50,000 hours. Using the average commercial operating hours of 12 hours per day, that comes to over 11 years without changing a bulb. You eliminate unsightly outages and your maintenance people can spend their time on more value added activities.

And with good looking light…..
LED lighting used to be good only for indicator type lighting. It was fine for looking at the light as for example a stop light or automobile brake lights. But the technology was not very good at projecting useable light.
Technological breakthroughs have solved that problem and with new, more powerful LED’s and with XLEDs USA’s proprietary active thermal management system, we can bring you products with bright, white light.

White Light color quality
XLEDs USA’s LED lights have a higher color rendering index (CRI) than compact fluorescent lights, providing more opportunities to use them in applications where color is critical such as retail lighting.

Instant Starting
LED lighting is instant start. There is no warm up period like that for Metal Halide (MH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS). LED lighting can be used as part of your building’s emergency lighting system due to its low power consumption, long life and instant on capabilities.

Shock and vibration resistant
LED lighting has no filament or cathode to break. Applications that have a lot of shock and vibration benefit from the unique construction of LED technology that allows it to survive in high shock and vibration applications.

Savings without Sacrifice

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